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Smart Contact Cards

  • Smart Contact Cards are the most common type of smart card. Electrical contacts located on the outside of the card connect to a card reader when the card is inserted. There are several varieties of contact smart cards available. The type suitable for your application depends on the amount of data you require to be held and the level of security needed. offer smart contact cards inlclued AT24C01 card ,AT24C02 card ,AT24C16 card ,AT24C64 card ,AT5577 card ,ISSI24C02 card ,ISSI24C128 card,ISSI24C16 card ,ISSI24C64 card ,ISSI4428 card ISSI4442 card ,SLE5528 card ,SLE5542 card and more.

    The most common examples of smart contact cards are credit cards, ATM cards, java cards, UIM, HSM cards, SAM Cards,SIM cards and more. can customize various smart contact cards according to the specific requirements of our clients.
  • - Card Dimensions: 54 mm x 86 mm/Custom
    - Card Material: PVC/PET/Metal/Wood
    - Card Thickness:30 mils/Custom
    - Finishes: Glossy, Matte, Frosted, Metallic, Brushed, Relief, etc.
    - Printing Options: CMYK Printing,Silk Screen Printing,Digital Printing, Pantone Printing, etc
    - Card Crafts: Magnetic Stripe, Scratch Off, Signature Panel, Hot Stamping, Barcode, QR Code,Data Encoding, Serial Numbers, Spot UV, Embossing, Security, Punching Hole, Holograms, Gilding, Portrait, Anti-Fack Logo, Laser logo, labeling, etc.
    - Card ic chips: AT88SC0204C, AT88SC0404C, AT88SC0808C, AT88SC3216C, AT88SC12816C, AT88SC25616C, AT24C128, AT24C256, AT24C01, AT24C02, AT24C16, AT24C64, AT5577, ISSI24C02, ISSI24C128, ISSI24C16, ISSI24C64, ISSI4428, ISSI4442, SLE78CFX Series, SLE5532 / SLE5542, SLE4432 / SLE4442, SLE5518 / SLE5528, SLE4436, SLE5536, SLE6636, SLE7736, ARI24LC02, ARI24LC04, ARI24LC16, ARI24LC32, ARI24LC64, ARI24LC128, ARI24LC256, ARI24LC512 and more
    - Applications: fuel cards, vending cards, loyalty applications, electronic coupons, subscribers card, electronic purse, Healthcare management, Corporate Identity, membership cards, utility prepayment, identity and variety of protected portable data files.
Smart ic cards

    Java Cards

  • Java Card is the leading open, interoperable platform for secure elements, enabling smart cards and other tamper-resistant chips to host multiple applications using Java technology. Java Card is an execution platform that can store and update multiple applications on a single resource-constrained device, while retaining the highest certification levels and compatibility with standards.

    Advantages of Java Card
    * Applets are interoperable and run on any Java Card-based smart card device, reducing hardware costs.
    * Multiple applications can reside on a single device.
    * New applications can be installed securely after a card has been issued using Over-The-Air (OTA) platforms, enabling card issuers to dynamically respond to their customer's changing needs.
    * Java Cards enable easy and fast updates through an open OS architecture that separates the platform from the application. This partitioning also reduces migration constraints, even after initial card issuance.

    Compliant applications can be loaded, and cards compatible with existing ones can be produced quickly.

    The strong security of the Java programming language provides the foundation for Java Card's secure execution environment.
    Java high performance chips are used in hundreds of millions of the smart cards worldwide, such as Banking cards, Loyalty cards, Payment cards, Membership cards, Health cards, National ID cards, Military cards, Transport and ticketing, Biometric applications,Student ID cards,etc.

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SIM cards

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HSM and SAM Cards

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